Dual-Pulse Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder

The project build can be found on Instructables! The reason for the capacitive discharge spot welder is to aid in the process of building a battery pack for the UMD Bulldogbots combat robot team. By having a spot welder the team can weld nickel tabs to the multiple A123 battery cells that form the battery […]

2×4 Wood Pour Over Coffee Maker

I have always loved the look and physics of the balancing (or floating) wine bottle holder and want to adapt the same idea to a coffee maker.This is a floating pour over coffee maker out of a 3ft section of wood 2×4 with a dovetail joint for easy disassembly.

Stone Book

Lawn Mower Ebike

Large Format 3D Printer

Pumpkin Flame Thrower

Ikonics AMS Carbon Fiber Machining

Floppy Drive CNC Plotter